I’m Recovering……

Not from the flu, bladder infection or some illegal drug. I’m recovering just from a cold. A miserable, long-lasting, appetite suppressing, mulit-tissued cold.

I’ve went to great lengths to make sure I didn’t re-infect myself or others: changing my toothbrush, taking Zinc Cold Therapy, drinking Gypsy Cold Care, changing the sheets and sleeping alone. And though I’m a vegetarian, I breathed over a cup of hot chicken soup because it’s been shown to help a cold: https://www.sharecare.com/health/cold-and-flu/why-chicken-soup-have-cold.

Plus I’ve stayed in my house so long I wanted to pull out my hair!

But on day 10 of my cold, I went to the doctor. My doctor’s practice offers Sick Call, a time you can just walk in and it’s only in the mornings. So I went, saw the doctor and got an inhaler to clear my cough and a cough medicine with codeine so I could sleep.

I finally feel so much better I’m sorry I didn’t go to the doctor earlier. But the best part is he said I’m not contagious!

Finally recovering, I can happily say I can now leave my domicile!

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