My Book of Stories – Part Two

I had a call from the editor of the Press – Kyle. He’s the big picture guy, or so he tells me. We went over the stories in my book and the title.

He made some suggestions, which I agreed with. So I moved some of the stories to other areas and sent it back to him, which I did.

He likes the title. He told me Nick is the design guy and he also has a good sense of recommendations for literary journals in Illinois who can review my book.

Next step is proofreading. Yikes! I hope I haven’t made so many errors that they give up on publishing my book.

My fictions have appeared in numerous publications, including Saturday Evening Post, New Millenniums Writings, Blue Earth Review, Micro Monday, R-KV-R-Y, Funny in Five Hundred, Blue Lake Magazine, Adanna Literary, Dying Dahlia Review, 34th Parallel Magazine, Off the Rocks, and others. The News was on stage at a Chicago Theater. I was a recipient of a fellowship and grant from the Illinois Arts Council Fellowship in Prose, and two of stories have been nominated for the Pushcart Prize. Also, my book of my stories will be published by Atmosphere Press.

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