Trust Your Creativity

How can you continue to create when you’re plagued with self-doubt? How can you let go of your fears and trust your creativity in order to move forward as a writer?

No one else can learn this stuff for you. So you have to find ways to put your self-doubt behind you.

Here are some ways to put your self-doubt behind you where it belongs:

• Trusting ourselves to be able to do the work of writing
• Being a new runner and learning lessons about writing from that
• Staying where your words are
• Balancing discipline with looking after ourselves
• Choosing ourselves over the approval of others
• Claiming our own experiences
• Dealing with the fears that come up around sharing our stories
• Be authentic
My fictions appear in numerous publications. Some were published by Saturday Evening Post, New Millenniums Writings, Blue Earth Review, 34th Parallel and many others. I am a recipient of a fellowship and grant from the Illinois Arts Council Fellowship in Prose, and two of my stories have been nominated for the Pushcart Prize. Also, my book of stories placed semi-finalist from Elixir Press.

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