Or more about me, eh? You’d think my stories would say a lot about me. After all, to write fiction, you have to lay bare your soul. You have to “write what you know” which really means “write from the depths of your experience.”  The trick is fictionalizing it all.

Well, I could go on and on about that, and have. I taught creative writing to adults through Oakton’s Adult Education program for about 12 part-time years.  Then, plain and simple, I got burnt out. How do teachers teach for their entire careers?  Educators everywhere: you have my undying admiration!

I have never been a full-time fiction writer – although I’d like to give that a try someday.  I currently work for a legal association and live in Wheeling, IL, a northern Chicago suburb.

Most of my friends these days are writers. We get together monthly, and over these past few years, they have read and critiqued nearly all the stories in my book, (A Surprising Measure of Subliminal Sadness),  which is still looking for a publisher, by the way. Yeah, I could self-publish, but want to try to avoid that for now. The point here is without my writing friends and their invaluable insights into my work, there would be no book.

Last but not least, the initial “s” in s.j. powers stands for Susan.  So why not publish as Susan Powers?

Well, there is a pretty famous writer, Susan Power (note the no “s” in Power), and people tend to get us confused. I’ve even gotten her invitation to facilitate a writing workshop at a conference.

Wonder if she got my light bill?


Publications, Prizes and Stuff:

My book of stories A Surprising Measure of Subliminal Sadness was recently a Finalist in the St. Lawrence Book Award contest. It’s sort of a big deal to reach finalist in this contest as St. Lawrence is a well-known, well-respected independent publisher and their contest draws many hundreds of entries. It’s definitely encouraged me to keep submitting my book to small press and independent literary fiction publishers.

In 2012, my story,13 Rules, won 1st place in the New Millennium Short-Short Story contest, and other stories have been published in numerous literary anthologies and zines. My monologue, The News, was performed at Chicago’s Bailiwick Theatre in June 2007, I’ve received two Illinois Arts Council prizes and two of my stories were nominated for the Pushcart Prize.

You can follow me on Twitter @firegut1.

And p.s. You can call me Sue.

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