Capturing Your Ideas

Every person has had more than one moment where a brilliant idea pops into his or her mind. Sadly, if we don’t capture those ideas quickly they may be forgotten in the busy rush of life.

When a writer is crafting her next bestselling book, capturing creative ideas on the fly is often the greatest author challenge. The last thing you want is a missed opportunity at creating something special.

What if you are out for a run and forgot what you were thinking when you arrived at your residence? For writing consistency, one must remember and capture those fleeting moments.

When you have that next idea in mind, here are ways to capture it quickly, before your thoughts move on to something else:

• Keep paper and a pen or pencil handy and write down your ideas.
• Type up your ideas on your computer
• Use Google Notes to capture your ideas.

I also read a great deal. If I didn’t, I would never write anything down. Reading provides me with ideas for my writing. I’m currently reading Sue Grafton’s I is for Innocent. Ms. Grafton is funny and sometimes she’s profound, but she knows how to write a mystery. I’m keeping notes on how she does it.

If you have other ideas, please comment.
I’m writing a mystery called TWIST. Not finished yet.

2 thoughts on “Capturing Your Ideas

  1. I have an app on my Android phone called Inkpad that I use to capture ideas and other things I need to remember. It can sync across devices, email notes to myself, and more.

    However, in my case, more times than not I’ll look at my notes and think, “Why did I think that was so great?” 🙂

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