A Surprising Measure of Subliminal Sadness

sue powers

Stata in velvet Probable book cover for Welcome to…(copyright my brother, Richard Shandross)

I awoke yesterday thinking about my book title. For ages I’ve thought about, dreamed about, knew I would call it “Welcome to the Sickhouse.” Then suddenly, I had another idea.

My story Welcome to the Sickhouse always seemed a natural title for the book. But naming your book after a story requires that the story be, if not the best, then close to it. Was it? Frankly, I’m not sure it is. Besides, the word “sick” suddenly started to make me feel, well, uh, kind of queasy. ☺

I think I have a bunch of good titles in my book, but again, were any among them the best? I’m too close to judge. And my writer friends all have their favorites – but none of them are the same story. What to do?

I decided to forget the titles and…

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2 thoughts on “A Surprising Measure of Subliminal Sadness

  1. So, Marcus thinks the first title would make him pick the book up faster – if they were next to each other he’d pick up welcome first. But he actually the second title better. Haha sorry mom.

    I can’t answer cuz I always thought your book was welcome to the sick house and while I really like the other title too I just think the first is stuck in my brain like that. However I will say I think uncle Rick’s picture would be good w subliminal sadess, slightly less obvious than w welcome. Love you!

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