I’m taking a hiatus from my not blogging for a while to discuss a recent event in my life – namely, how I happened to break my vegetarian fast.lettuce mouthI’ve been a vegetarian for a few years now – a lactose-intolerant vegetarian at that. But I do have plenty to eat, and I even found a yogurt cheese made by Trader Joe’s whose lacto digestive properties are not ruined by processing. So all’s well, I’m not missing much, not craving much, and then….

Last week, my work held an important lunch meeting for the staff at a steak house. It was going to be a long meeting about our company’s re-organization, so of major significance to all of us.

Team MeetingTeam Meeting

The CEO stood at the head of the room and talked about the changes that were happening as he spoke. All eyes and ears were glued on him as he revealed our future in the newly reorganized company. Meanwhile, the waiters worked around him, getting our drinks, laying out bread, and eventually, we whispered our orders as the CEO laid out the new company plans and players.

Did I mention we had just two options: Salmon, or Steak?

Ah, salmon. I remembered it most fondly, as it was once one of my favorite foods.

I had looked at the menu, considered the topic and the length of the meeting, and listened closely to the grumbling in my stomach. The salad and potatoes would just not do it today, I knew.  Could I wait until we returned to the office some hours later to snack on crackers? Oh what to do, what to do….

Yes, I ordered it, and when it arrived, it was impossible to eat, impossible to ignore. And then I put a forkful in my mouth and it was delicious! In fact, as if I was starving, I couldn’t stop eating it.

A true guilty pleasure, and I only stopped eating when the guilt grew big enough that I was reminded that fish are living beings too.

talking_to_fish_by_viz_kei_boi-d394y99I mourn those gone. And while I’m grumbling, I’m nevertheless grateful I still have a job.

So there you have it. A day to remember on many levels, and to remember the taste of salmon, which in the end really wasn’t worth the ghastly guilt in my head. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Grumblings

  1. Thanks Fransi. Yes, I’m fortunate. Our choices were not from the whole the restaurant menu (although their regular restaurant menu isn’t much better). And you’re right, I should have had supplies in my purse for just such an occasion! Duh! What was I thinking? Oh yeah, thinking about what was happening on the job…:)

  2. The great news is you still have a job. Surprising, in this day and age, the restaurant did not have a filling vegetarian option. A reminder to keep nuts, raisins and power bars in your purse for energencies.

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