Calling All Writers!

Calling All Writers – Guest Bloggers Welcome!

Calling All Writers

To guest blog or not to guest blog? That is the question.

Yes, I’m looking to feature writers on my blog. If you didn’t see Friday’s post by guest blogger Pat Childers, Questions from the Oldest Living Middle-Aged Blogger, you might want to check it out.

I know Pat pretty well. We used to work together – she always lightened the day with her wit and humor – but I don’t need to know you well, or know you at all. And you don’t need to have a blog. You just need to have an idea in search of an audience.

Why?  For you – well, more readers, new readers, great fame (ha!) and a chance to plug your blog, if you have one (again, not a requirement).

For me – I need to work on my book now. Plain and simple. And since I can’t seem to do that and blog at the same time, and I’d like to keep this blog active until I can work on it again, well, you can see the problem.

Here’s the deal:

1.     You choose any subject you want to write about. Good deal, eh?  Or as Pat said to me, dangerous. Well I love danger! (One exception: no poetry please. When it comes to poetry, I’m the first to admit I’m a dangerously poor judge.)

2.  Word count –try to keep under 600 words. This is not a hard and fast rule, but desirable, as the gurus of blogs say they should stay under 350 words. But what do they know, eh? I’ve read my great blogs that are much longer such as Fransi Weinstein, Bitter Ben and many others.

3.    Submit to no later than on Wednesdays for my Friday afternoon posts. Word docs or docx please.

The post will be under your name, and of course, all rights belong to you. They always do anyway, just being reassuring that you know that I know…:)

Ok, that’s it for now. So think about it, then submit! This could be the beginning of a beautiful writing/blogging relationship….


Ps. Feel free to pass this message on to your readers and other writers.

A Steamy, Passionate, Sexy Treatise on What’s in a Name

Is it more than co-incidence that I – a woman named Sue – have so many Sues in my life? To date, I have several close friends and various relatives/acquaintances all named Sue, Susan or Susie.

Others do too I recently found out, such as my co-worker L who has numerous Sues in her life, including her mother. Feeling the need to distinguish her Sues, we only know the woman with whom she shares a ride to work as My Carpool.

So, what’s in a name, I’ve begun to wonder.

Here’s what I’ve found. First, when it comes to writing, quite a lot. To start, the title of your article/story/blog is the hook that lures….

Hook a Book

Keeping readers there is another thing, of course, but for now, you just need to go to Amazon to see that sexy titles sell and sell well.

Words like “passion, romance, steamy, etc.” get noticed and get sales.  Which is fine if you want to write that sort of thing – or can just manage to get some of these words into your title. 🙂

As to all my Sues, I’ve discovered the Kabalarian Philosophy offers some interesting ideas. It’s based on the philosophy that mind and language are intimately linked. They can even tell you what your name means based on this philosophy and certain mathematical principles.

Which is fun, but really doesn’t explain all the Sues in my life or L’s life and maybe your life.

But that’s okay, because I have another theory. It goes like this: Prior to our birth, we each belonged to a specific community of spirits getting ready to be born, and to ensure that we’d recognize each other when we got to Earth….

Ok, what about you? Are you surrounded by/attracted to the same-named people? Many Janes, Bobs, Steves, Judys…?