Writer Resources

I have three main resources I recommend for writers. If you’d like to suggest a site, please leave a reply below.

Poets & Writers, Inc

Grants, Awards, Literary Journals and Magazines: Huge database of places to submit for poets, fiction writers and creative nonfiction writers. It’s really all I use to find places to submit my work.

My Perfect Pitch

Book publishing advice from a U.K. author along with other good writer resources. Plus he does have a “good pitch.”


Affordable e-book self-publisher – no sales commission, plus your book gets an ISBN number through them.

There are hundreds of other writer resources. Here is a tiny sample I’ve found.

A to Z Writing

Lots of links to writing courses, editing services, publishing services, etc.

Absolute Write

A huge community for writers. Hosts popular forums where writers can meet and discuss a variety of writing-related topics. Relates to both fiction and non-fiction.

The Authors Guild

Advocate for writers’ interests in effective copyright protection, fair contracts and free expression since it was founded as the Authors League of America in 1912. It provides legal assistance and a broad range of web services to its members.

Author & Book Promotions

Online book promotion service and resource directory for authors – with an updated list of resources, they claim to be one of the largest promotional resources on the web.

Creative Writing Now

Online Creative Writing Courses, Ideas, and Inspiration created by writing teachers as a free service to provide a supportive and friendly place for authors and poets at all stages in their writing lives.

Fiction Addiction

Listings of Agents and Book Publishers (print and e-publishers – though it’s suspect that they don’t list BookBaby.)

Mom Writers

A community of professional and new writers who face the unique challenges of writing with children underfoot.


Writing.Com is the online community for writers and readers of all interests and skill levels – whether you’re an enthusiastic, creative writer looking for a place to store and display your writing online or a casual reader searching for a good story.


Links to some other writers’ resources  (Note: A couple of their links are broken.)

Writers Guild of America, West

The Writers Guild of America, West (WGAW) is a labor union composed of the thousands of writers who write the television shows, movies, news programs, documentaries, animation, CD-ROMs, and content for new-media technologies that keep audiences constantly entertained and informed.

Writers and Authors: Occupational Outlook Handbook

Interesting site with info on What Writers Do, Job Outlook, How to Become a Writer or Author, Pay stats, etc.

Write Jobs

A specialty job board and career resource for journalism, media, publishing and writing professionals. The Write JobsTM is part of Writers Write, Inc.’s network of resources for creative professionals which includes Writenews.com and Writerswrite.com.

Windy City Publishers at http://www.windycitypublishers.com/

This is hybrid publisher that does all the work for you, including marketing. However, they are expensive.

4 thoughts on “Writer Resources

  1. Hi S.J. I scanned thru your suggestion to Perfect Pitch. That guy seems to know what he’s talking about. I am considering purchasing the e-book but I have no idea what the pound to dollar conversion is do you know off hand?

    • Hi Lacey,
      Yes, that was my impression too. I know the pound is worth a lot more than the dollar right now. I bought his Perfect Pitch -I think it was around $40 US dollars once it was converted.

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