My Addictions

It’s not alcohol, cigarettes, heroin or any other illegal drug…. it’s word games!

You would think I was addicted to Writing. But that’s my passion. Word games are my addictions. One game is Lexulous – a Facebook word game. I love this game and each morning I play it. Lexulous, which is similar to Scrabble, offers two dictionaries. One is the US dictionary; the other is the UK dictionary. The UK dictionary offers many more two-letter words such as CH, KY, NY, FY, plus longer words that aren’t in the US dictionary. Plus, when you play Lexulous you’re allowed to use the dictionary while you’re playing.

Another word game is Wordcrasher. I find it’s hard to play Wordcrasher on my phone so I play it on my computer. There’s also Soltaire to which I’ve become addicted. I’ve won (I think it’s rigged) many times and for some reason I’m addicted to it.

There are other games such as the card games Monopoly Deal, Karma and the word game Quiddler that I enjoy.

If you love word games, let’s play together. But watch out – you could become addicted!
Sue Powers is an accomplished short story writer. Her most recent publication was in Saturday Evening Post. She has now written a mystery entitled TWIST and is currently writing another mystery.

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