Why I’m Reading Tripwire

Tripwire is a book by Lee Child, a book in which someone gets killed. Now, why am I reading this mystery?

The reason is because I’m writing a mystery about a murder and I need information to write it. Reading is the best thing to do if you’re a writer. If a writer doesn’t read, how will the writer learn to write? Of course reading for pleasure is very enjoyable. I often just read just for pleasure.

But back to Tripwire. So far in this book, Jack Reacher has flown from Key West to New York because a private investigator was asking about him and then the P.I. got killed. In NY, Jack’s met an old friend, Julia, with whom he knew since she was fifteen. At that time, he restrained himself from kissing her. But now that they are both in their thirties, and she’s a lawyer, he is still restraining himself, mainly because he believes she thinks of him an uncle or brother.

But he’s wrong, though he doesn’t know it, at least not yet. I’m only on page 129 and there are 400 pages to this book. I hope he finds out.

In my mystery, we find out pretty quickly, just like Tripwire. But I have a tons of character interaction, while Reacher basically is running around and getting into car accidents.

I’m also trying to add humor to my mystery, but it’s difficult to include humor inside a mystery. I know that at least one writer does it easily, but for me, it’s hard.

In my first mystery, She’s Not There, it seemed easy to add humor. But for this mystery, I simply can’t see how to do it. It’s like all the humor inside of me is not coming out in this mystery. I’m writing it anyway, humor or not.

She’s Not There I’m self-publishing with the help of my brother. He’s embedded the fonts so I can self-publish this mystery.

Anyway, watch for She’s Not There. It should be self-published by the end of April 2019.
Sue Powers is an accomplished short story writer. One of her stories was published by Saturday Evening Post. Those who live on the east coast know that magazine and think of it as a prestigious magazine. She’s also published many other short stories. She’s now written one mystery and writing another.

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