The Science of Sound

Noises surround you every day. The hum of the refrigerator, the chirping of phones and appliances, the roar of certain power tools. Consumer Report’s latest special feature dives into the science of sound and the effect of these sounds on our lives. Get an inside look that includes how they measure noise on common household appliances and why we assess sound quality.

Working outdoors with the lawn mower, snow blower and even the weed trimmer could have consequences on your hearing. Find out how you can protect your ears, and take a look at the best noise cancelling headphones.

You don’t have to spend hundreds to get the best sound from headphones. Consumer Report tested dozens of headphones and you might be surprised at the lower-cost models that earned their “Best Buy” designation.

Do I recommend Consumer Reports? I do because Consumer Reports tests items from car to gadgets.
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