What Do Writers Do?

I’ve often been asked what writers do besides writing. Some work. Some volunteer. Some learn a new skill. Most write. Many like me work and write. But most of all I read. Reading provides entertainment and instruction, that is, if you’re reading what you like to write. I’ve met writers read what they aren’t writing. Even that is instructional by way of grammar and sentence construction. If you don’t read, how can you write?

I’m now reading the historical novel, White Houses, not at all what I like to write. But it’s such a good book I can’t put it down.

Novelists read novels. Short story writers read short stories. Mystery writers read other mysteries. I’ve read so many short stories I’ve begun to read other things. So I picked up this book and began reading and like I said, it’s such a good book I can’t put it down. Will I write a historical novel? I have written a mystery, but doubt I would write a historical novel.

I should be reading short stories, as I am a short story writer. Once I finish this book, I will start reading short stories once again.

What are you reading? Are you a writer?
Sue Powers has stories and flash fictions appear in numerous zines and publications. Some were published by Saturday Evening Post, New Millenniums Writings, Blue Earth Review, and Another Chicago Magazine. She is a recipient of a fellowship and grant from the Illinois Arts Council Fellowship in Prose, and two of her stories have been nominated for the Pushcart Prize.

2 thoughts on “What Do Writers Do?

  1. I read everything from memoirs like Michelle Obama’s Becoming, to Trevor Noah’s Born a Crime, to The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F##k. But I’m always writing in my head.

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