Why I Don’t Have a Job ‘Temporarily’

I drove up to Highland Park to Hair For You for a wig. Yes, I buy wigs because I hate my hair. It’s curly and fizzy and I can’t do anything with it. So I buy wigs.

Anyway, I went to Hair For You and she picked out an extension that I liked. Then styled it and as I was paying for it, she asked me how well I did at research. I said I could do that very well.

So she hired me to research all the wig shops across the country. When I was done with that, I was supposed to research all the beauty schools across the country. I started on the beauty schools, and then I was told they were running out of money.

I wrote an email to the owner and told her I would lower my hourly fee. Also I suggested if I bought a full wig I could pay if off with the work I was doing.

She finally answered and said the project was out of money and that I’d done a good job but would I please temporarily stop working on it.

I call her and left a message. What does temporarily mean? One month, two months, five months?

I’m now waiting for her to call me back. But will she?

In the meantime I started once again looking for a part-time job. If you know of anyone who has a part-time job, let me know.

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