One or Two More Stories….

I have one or two more stories to update and that’s it! I’m sending my book of linked stories, A Surprising Measure of Sadness, out to get published.

That is, sending it once again. Unfortunately, I have sent it out before two of the stories were updated per my writing group. My writing group is the best thing that’s happened to me. Their comments and their critiques have been invaluable. Meanwhile, I didn’t wait. Oh well. There are still publishers who Will (stay positive!) publish my book of stories.

It takes months, even years, for stories, not to mention a book of stories, to get published. So I’m not getting my hopes up that it will be published in 2018.

One of the stories in the next book I’m writing got a comment from the famous author Aimee Bender. (How that happened is another story.) I’ve sent this story out numerous times. But as my first writing teacher told me it takes maybe 20 tries before a story gets published.

I’m still sending out the stories in my current book out for publishing. I have 15 stories published, but not all of them are going into my current book of stories because I can’t linked them to the other stories. I have written a couple of new short stories that will go into the next book. Meanwhile, I’m continuing to read because reading is the only way I can get inspired to write.

This coming weekend my writing group meets and I’ve submitted the two stories that need updating for my current book. Once they’re updated I hope to be able to send out A Surprising Measure of Subliminal Sadness.

Wish me luck!

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