Our Move

It all began with our wanting to move closer to the city where most of our friends live. So we went online and searched for condos or townhouses in or around the north side of Chicago. Finally a listing popped up and we decided to look at it.

The condo we looked at is like an old Chicago apartment: large rooms, gorgeous dark woodwork, curved archways, steam heat, many windows and wood floors. Plus a pantry and another one by the front door and we’re in a great location: downtown Skokie.

We decided to buy it. Then we had to sell our current condo. It sold within a day! But the people who buying our condo were selling their house on contingency.  We were selling on contingency too. However, it all worked out.

Now the packing began. What a mess! Finally, we closed and moved in, Now the unpacking began. Our movers were good but we’re still missing things. We’ve opened every box and things are still missing. Not important things, but still…

So now we began to enjoy our new condo, but the heat suddenly went off. The board president called in a guy who deals with boiler. He said the boiler was twenty-two years old so we shouldn’t be surprised it conked out. He also said we have a boiler that’s too large for a three-flat.  Now our board president is researching options. I hope he hurries.

In addition, the appliances and the floor need updating. This involves a great of money. But my friend, Joyce Davis, is a designer and she reassures me that once the updating is done we’ll have a gorgeous condo.

Meanwhile, I’m looking for ways to make money. Does anyone have a part-time job available?

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