The Traveling Sisterhood

Compliments of Guest Blogger, Jane Matteson Mundell

TheTraveling Sisterhood

In New Orleans last year with part of the Sisterhood

Preparing for a trip at the end of this month has me reflecting on how I got to this place in my life: with a lot of luck, creative scheduling, a fair amount of determination, and a dozen long-distance friends who have celebrated the silver anniversary mark with me.

From our very early days of weekend trips to low-budget cottages in Michigan or driving five hours or more to meet half way in various cities, to “rallying the troops” to help me survive my daughter’s wedding in Sicily – yes five of them were in attendance – the girlfriends have always been there. We have overcome disappointments, deaths and divorces. We have celebrated accomplishments, milestones and happiness. We have done it without hesitation, often for hours on the phone or by way of unrelenting email strings – yes, usually “reply all.”

Now as I prepare for a trip to Hilton Head because one of the friends found a great place for a full week on the beach and wouldn’t think of using that time for anything but an opportunity to bring our group together, I think I know how I got to this place in my life.

So, today I am going to call my daughters and let them know once again how important it is to nurture their friendships. Someday, with luck, creative scheduling and determination, they too will know the joy of silver anniversary friendships.


Jane Matteson Mundell has visited 40 US states, 5 countries and a few Caribbean Islands with many of her dozen, lifelong friends.



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