Not Famous Yet

Compliments of Guest Blogger Ben “Bitter” Gardner

Not famous for this.

Not famous for this.

There are millions lot of reasons why I am not rich and famous. I don’t have movie star looks, I can’t act, or dance really well and my parents aren’t famous enough to start a reality show. I’m not fast, I can’t jump high, or skate fast or spike ball at a hundred miles an hour. I can’t spin a record, I don’t have 15 kids, or know an excessive amount of useless trivia. I can’t solve a math problem unless I have a calculator, I don’t have enough scientific ability to find a new element and I don’t have the guts to jump on 4 reds balls in an obstacle course.

I’m not naturally good at anything. I don’t have a rare ability that few people have, or a superpower. What I do have is ideas. Lots of them. Some really good ones that could make me famous. I have great ideas for apps that would be fantastic, or ideas for movies, or books, or businesses. I have vision. I know how to think outside the box. I’m so full of ideas, I don’t always know what to do with them.

But I think I figured out the reason. The biggest inventions or the greatest actors or most successful writer have two things. Not only do they have good ideas, but they had the ability to execute them.

Sure, she was a great writer, and great at executing, but also had a little luck.

Sure, she was a great writer, and great at executing, but she also had a little luck.

For instance, J.K. Rowling had a great idea, but she also had the skill to write it all down, edit it and get lucky enough for someone to read it. Edison not only had the fantastic light bulb of an idea, but was able to actually build the thing and lucky enough that it actually worked. Scott Adams was not only a hilarious person with a great idea about writing about the workplace, but he could also draw, and lucky enough that a comic about the workplace hadn’t really been explored. My theory is that most people have one or two of these things, but rarely have all three.

Don’t get me wrong, being famous would be good for a month, and being rich would be great for a couple of years, but if we had all those things, what would we have to complain about? What would I have to be bitter about?


Ben’s alter ego, BitterBen, blogs to perfect the stand-up comedy routine he says he will never do. To get a full dose of his sardonic humor, check it out here.

2 thoughts on “Not Famous Yet

  1. You’re right- it’s rare to have both the ability to be creative AND implement your ideas. I’m lacking in the creative department.

    ‘What would we have to complain about? What would (we) have to be bitter about?’
    This would be a real problem for me as I’m British. We make it our business to make complaining an art form 😛

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